About CQB

Days of PageThe Classic Q Band conception came in winter 2012. Quincy new to East TN or the "South" as they call it decided to start a brand new project. With this he decided to step away from the name "Sons of Levi" that he had carried in 4 other CD projects. What was to be The Classic Q Band actually began to form before the name.  Quincy and Jamie had been playing music together for years (Yes, they are father & daughter). So that was a given. Next on board was Barry Cochran on Bass guitar. Very shortly after that was Don Page as first man up to bat on drums. So early February of 2013 the band was formed.

Our goal was to be authentic in our approach to the music. We knew we were an original band and I wanted to be authentic to my roots in music genre. Classic Rock. That term covered so much when I was growing up from heavier sounds of Zeppelin to Songwriter driven rock. All we knew was that we would do whatever came natural without trying to be like anyone else. In 2014 Don Page announced that he would be moving away and would not be able to continue with the band. We were bummed and hated to see him go but we felt like we wanted to push on and continue. So, we started our new drummer search and after 7 auditions with different talented people, we found John DiCrosta. He was a fit all around for what we hoped we would be as a band. So mid 2014 John joined up with the Classic Q Band.

In October of 2014 we began our journey in recording our first CD project as the Classic Q Band. This would be number 5 for Quincy Follweiler but Number 1 for CQB. We released our CD project titled INSIDE-WORLD on 4-3-2015. No short cuts on this Album. With the awesome talent of Jeff Ervin who mixed and mastered from the helm at Wandering Gypsy Recording @ The Mothership, this project came out amazing... if I do say so myself :-)

More About CQB

Classic Q BandBeing a product of our generation, we grew up listening to all the greats. We have all been influenced by them in some way. The members of CQB Have plenty of professional experience and talent that they bring to this exciting project. Original, and Authentically Classic, that's who we are. As a band we do not try to be any thing else. Strong musical hooks, grooves and memorable lyric lines are what we strive for. Of course we love all the greats that are far too many to mention here. So, we will be adding a few of our favorites classic rock tunes to the Classic Q Band set lists. Hope you like what you hear.

We are primarily an original band with a few cool classics sprinkled in. Guitars, bass, drums and melodic vocals with plenty of hooks and groove. Our songs are mostly faith based in that they come from our experiences in our walk of faith. Lot's of music, not too preachy. Of course we also love worship and if it fits the event, we can add that to the set. We are a Family Friendly Band, So you won't hear any foul language or songs that are not appropriate for all ages. We would love to come a jam for you at your next event. Contact Quincy @ - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.