comicbook johnJohn DiCrosta - Drums: Born on April the 4th ,1964 in Schenectady New York. Began my music career as a 5th grader learning how to play the Snare Drum and read music. Performed in various school bands through-out middle school and high school playing the Clarinet, Alto Sax, Bass Guitar and of course all of the Percussion instruments.

As a teen-ager, the high-light of my high school performances was with the Stage/Jazz band playing Bass Guitar and Drums. We traveled quite a bit and won many 1st and 2nd place awards through-out the State of New York in various competitions. This is when I began my love affair with Jazz music. I was very fortunate to have studied under some of the best "Jazz-Cats" in the country at that time including Chuck Mangione, who was a local "cat". This was truly a significant time for me to cut my teeth in music performance and build my chops for the next chapter in my musical endeavers, a BA in music performance at UCF. This was followed by a brief period as a Disney musician.